Bahasa Inggris

Nama : Aulia Rahmadiani Negoro (04)
Kelas : X5

Title : Fish Pond SMA N 1 Jetis
Identification :
SMA N 1 Jetis has fish pond. This place can be used to keep many kinds of fish. The fish pond is in the east of Chemisty Laboratory. I like standing near it to watch some fish.
Description :
The fish pond SMA N 1 Jetis have eleven small fish pound and three big fish ponds. Fish pond have square shapet. The length of it is about 1/2 - 2 ½ m. The wide is about ½ - 2 m. There are many kinds of fish, for exemples : lele, nila, and gepi. There is also a fond in where some fish grem are grow. The Fish pond is deep. The water in it is green and dirty. This place is so comfertable and leafy. There are four empty fish ponds. There are fish food and some plants around the fish pond. Some fish pond is muddy. The fish that swims in the fish pond is beautiful. Some of the cat fish.

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